Cargo & Customs Clearance

Al Shohob Cargo & Customs Clearance is considered as a unique company in the field of Cargo & Customs Clearance. We provide timely service to our customers in the state of Qatar since 1988.

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Freight Forwarding & Logistics

AFEX Line Cargo is a Logistic Solution Company established in 2004 and now has been a division of Al Shohob Group since 2014. The company now has over 120,000 valued clients all over the world.

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Cargo Transportation

With over 23 years of experience in the hauling and transport industry, Al Shohob Transportation can serve you and deliver your products all over the world through our direct branches or our agents.

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Welcome to
Al Shohob Group

Your partner and 360° service provider

Al Shohob Group is an international group present in several countries with a headquarter located in Doha-Qatar. We are operating in customs clearance, cargo services, transportation, freight forwarding & logistics.

For over than 30 years, we’ve been serving and accompanying several renowned companies all over the world for all their improvement need with our 360° delivery services, starting from the shipping request to the door to door delivery.

Message from the Founder

The Founder “Life has taught me that creativity is limitless, and that timely change is a key for continuous excellence.

The secret of success lies in the constant development of self-capabilities and the knowledge sharing with others reliance on participative management based on collective opinion. And reaching the desired goal is completed with the completion of a diligent and ambitious team.

The company was founded 30 years ago with an idea that grew up with the will and determination, flourished with the efforts of the founders and the work team, and paid off to have the opportunity to grow up together with each other, and we still grow with a successful step on a path full of successes, hoping the comrades of the new path will engage. ”

Mr. Ali Saleh Al-Karbi
Founder of the company

Al Shohob Overview

Al Shohob Group is an industry leader in Customs Clearance & Cargo, Freight Forwarding & Logistics & Transportation. Since it started its business in 1988, Al-Shohob and its group of companies have grown rapidly and progressively expanding its range of operations and its geographical coverage.

We established our reputation as a top-notch provider of services for cargo & customs clearance, freight forwarding & logistics and the transportation industries, this allowed us to build up the customer loyalty and maintain all the companies we have worked with over the years across GCC countries and all the Asian and European countries we are present in.

The prompt growth of our first company, Al Shohob Customs & clearance, launched in 1988, gave the birth to Al Shohob Cargo in 1993. In 2014, The Afex Line has been bought by Al Shohob Group, to join our group of company and our list of offices.

Why Choose Us?

Al Shohob Group’s success as a multi-faceted company is an indication of the organisation’s high standards and desire to exceed the customer’s satisfaction.

Our company built a reputation of being reliable & trustworthy and made responsive solutions to countless clients and organizations we serve in both sectors, private and public, either in Qatar or in any of the countries we are present in and we do serve.