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Al Shohob Transportation is a division of Al-Shohob Group. Since our establishments, we kept growing to become the transport industry’s choice for guaranteed safe carriage of cargo. We render the best services to our customers by a very well-organized and equipped transportation department consisting of wide range of quality trucks and a bigger number of trailers which are always available to carry the cargo to any destination in Qatar and any Gulf States.

Moving your goods over thousands of miles requires reliable transport services from a company you can trust. At Al-Shohob Transportation, we continue to work by: providing a better service, understanding of our clients’ business, offering long haul trucking and transportation services and making sure that all the deliveries reach on time to the destinations.

With over 20 years of experience in the hauling and transport industry, pick-up and drop off of product to business addresses by container, Al-Shohob Transportation can arrange all your delivery requests to any country as per the customer requirement. We are specialist carriers of all types of bulk products which include providing truck & trailers units and heavy haul. Our team of operators and experienced drivers will deliver your goods until your location on time and on budget.

Transportation Services

  • International Shipping Quotes
  • Customs and MPI Clearances
  • Wharf to Warehouse
  • Wharf to Site or Customer
  • Coastal Shipping
  • Container Cartage for Product
  • Storage Pallet, Bulk outside Storage
  • Line Haul Brokerage & Freight Management