AFEX Line Cargo

AFEX Line Cargo

Air Cargo
Sea Cargo
Overland Transportation

The AFEX Line Cargo is a Logistic Solution Company (Land, Air, and Sea) established in April 2004 and now has been a division of Al Shohob Group since 2014. The company’s unmatchable strength in multi-modal logistics enables us to provide an assured quality of service to meet our clients’ logistics needs.

The company now has over 120,000 valued clients all over the world. Besides being a specialized freight forwarder, our company also provides extensive support in all fields related to Logistics, Freight Forwarding, Loose Container Load, and Full Container Load and so on. We fully understand the importance of each and every shipment made by our customers and try to give the best service.

Our company has been recognized as an unmatched leader in all cargo solutions sectors and moreover, our strong presence which is already recognized in several countries has brought us branch offices, transportation centers and storage facilities in Qatar and worldwide.

We are all the time pleased to serve our clients and do our best to keep assuring them a very good quality of services.

Major Logistics Services

  • Express Loose Cargo Transport (LCL/FTL)
  • Normal Loose Cargo Shipments (LCL)
  • Overland Transportation
  • Sea Cargo
  • Air Cargo
  • Warehousing